Our Story

EV BUG was founded by Ian & Will in early 2021 with the ambition to bring first class online sales experience to the services sector. Building upon decades of experience developing a powerful e-commerce site with SEO integration at its heart alongside their own in house survey tool work began to flow faster than ever anticipated !

With the excessive demand of work within the initial target market of electric vehicle charging the expansion into Solar PV, Battery Storage, Insulation and Heat Pump Systems rapidly followed. With the company being Based in Devon and service coverage UK wide the demand on the dedicated evbug installers travelling and staying away from their young families never sat well with Ian & Will who set about breaking the mould used by national companies to offer UK coverage.

A bold decision was made to reconstruct the business with its sole purpose to connect independent installers with customers across the UK. Now no longer installing with the experience in the industry under their belts, support to both installers and customers comes easy, to answer those niggling questions in what can sometimes be a daunting industry as we collectively look to move towards a more sustainable UK.

Local service has long been held in extremely high regard and considered the best approach when seeking trades persons. With this traditional tried and tested ethos they set out building a community where local experts can be connected with customers across the UK with all the perks of a seamless market leading website.

What they have brought to fruition is a new way of connecting and supporting the best local independent installers across the UK to customers seeking the best value, service and advice on their doorstep. The reduction in business miles can only be a good thing for our wider impact on the climate too!

From all of us here at EV BUG we would like to thank you for supporting local business.

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