Hospitality and Commercial Sector Charging solutions:

Looking to offer your guests, visitors or employees electric vehicle charging at your business premises?

At evBug Our independent trusted members can offer low maintenance solutions requiring minimal management by your company.

One of the most popular solutions is the Easee Charging Robots and Easee Portal combination, this is chosen by many clients due to its scalability and easy to use cloud management system.

The charging robots are rated from 7-22 kw designed and built in Norway. These units have been tested in the harshest of climates making them a great fit for our Great British weather! They can also be wall or post mounted and offer interchangeable coloured covers to match your branding.

Once installed the charging units can be set to one of the following options, open charge free to all, Approved users only via Easee key RFID access or using the third party app based Monta network offering drivers the ability to pull up and pay for charge at their convenience with no interaction or admin required by your staff.

With Monta connected to your chargers, you can easily manage pricing, users, and payments from the Monta portal, in which you can choose and set EV Charging Costs per kWh and transfer the revenue to your own bank account.

Once the charging session is completed the data is recorded, payment collected by Monta. This revenue can then be drawn down to your bank account from your Business Monta Account.

This market leading charging solution can offer your business the opportunity to harness the uptake in Electric Vehicles and add another revenue stream to your business.

Connect with your local expert today to discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit.All our members are independent vetted members of the EVBUG platform.

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